Top Art Schools: Which Should You Choose?

Are you wondering if there are art schools that belong to the top list? When people talk about art, they usually talk about the elite and the prestigious and is only offered to those who have the great desire for art. But the truth is that the top art schools and those that have made it to the art school rankings open their doors to very talented students to prepare them for the creative challenges that may come their way. The top art schools offer courses that will help their students discover the kind of art that they want to engage in. Some might choose to go into architectural design or advertising or web design. All of these options allow students to realize the art that they are really good at.

More than the discovery of the specialization that the top schools prepare them for, the schools also helps their students become well rounded schools enthusiasts by exposing them to the different kinds of art. Their knowledge of it would enhance their desire to learn more about each type of art work, how it was produced and how they could improve it to fit their taste. If you are an art enthusiast yourself, then you know that there are numerous schools all over the world. Although some might say that only those who make it to the top of the art school rankings are really the good ones, nobody could really prove the theory.

The top art schools are those that are dedicated to the production and improvement of design and style. If you are seriously looking into the top art schools that have made it to the prestigious list, then here are some of them.

• The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 has been serving art enthusiasts for the longest time. It has become one of the most trusted institutions among the private schools that dedicate their services and expertise to the production of designs that are aesthetically pleasing.

Excellent Art Galleries Worth Visiting in Italy

If you are staying at a bed and breakfast in Italy then there are many excellent art galleries you can visit during your holiday. The Museum Galleria Borghese is a collection assembled by Cardinal Scipione Borghese in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. The gallery includes major works by Raphael, Rubens, Titian, Caravaggio, Bernini, Antonello da Messina and Canova. With so many wonderful pieces to view you will not regret visiting this great gallery. The Galleria Colonna was constructed in 1654 and is considered a work of art itself and the exquisite Baroque setting contributes to the presentation of the displayed masterpieces by artists such as Carlo Maratta, Salviati, Bronzino and Lorenzo Monaco.

The Galleria degli Uffizi is Florence's largest and most famous art museum that showcases fantastic collections that cover every art movement throughout Italy and Europe. From the Tuscan primitives and Florentine gothics to Renaissance art, Impressionism and more contemporary pieces, this gallery will show you a special history of art. Doria Pamphili Gallery is a newly restored Galleria and inside the majestic Palazzo Doria Pamphili are some of the most distinguished private art collections. This fifteenth century gallery houses pieces from artists such as Caravaggio, Titian, Raphael, Lippi, Rubens and Bellini. The Modern National Gallery showcases very significant Italian collection of paintings and sculptures from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. There are many pieces belonging to most of the contemporary art movements such as neo-classicism, romanticism and Tuscan Macchiaoli impressionism.

The Gallery of the National Academy of St. Luca is one of Rome's most prestigious galleries and was founded as an art academy in 1478 with a statute that "every member should donate a work to its perpetual memory". Many gifts combined with other donations that gallery showcases and eclectic collection of classic works. The Spada Gallery is another absolutely brilliant gallery to visit if you are staying at a bed and breakfast in Italy. The Spada Gallery exhibits the Spada family collection of works mostly from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as well as some second and third century Roman sculptures.

The Corsini Gallery is a small and attractive gallery that exhibits a large collection of seventeenth and eighteenth century regional Italian painting as well as works by Rubens, Murrillo and Poussin. It was originally built in the fifteenth century but was remodelled in the eighteenth. The Gallery of the Spedale degli Innocenti was built in 1444 and the gallery's focus is on Medieval and Renaissance art with amazing frescoes dating from the fourteenth century. One of the main attractions is the building itself which marks the beginning of Renaissance architecture. The Galleria Dell'Accademia is the second most visited gallery in Florence and is most famous for the seven Michelangelo sculptures in its collection including David, St. Mathew and Pieta di Palestrina. Some of the galleries amazing collections include work by Benozzo Gozzoli and Perugino.

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The Best Art Schools In America

Of the thousands of art schools in America, a few stand out in the art world as the best schools based on academic value. Some are dedicated art schools and some are colleges of general education with outstanding departments.

Rhode Island School of Design enjoys the highest profile in art and design, and superlative respect among experts in the art world. A student with a degree from RISD will have their resume' moved to the top of the pile. It is, however, not without substantial investment. At an average cost of over 100,000.00 per year, only the very serious artist major need apply. That may, in fact, be a large part of the respect given to graduates of this school.

Yale University, already one of the most respected centers of education in America, also enjoys the status of having one of the best art schools in America for undergraduate work. Yale offers courses for several areas of visual art and techniques, as well as art history - a firm foundation for more intense graduate work.

The Art Institute of Chicago offers one of the most unique opportunities for interpolation of art education and history to be found. AIC is actually located INSIDE one of America's finest museums offering an outstanding experience for those who relish saturation in their passion and discipline.

Cranbrook Academy of Art, located in southeast Michigan north of Detroit, has developed its reputation for modernism in architecture as well as many other genres in the field.

Scott Mead's Work Accepted to the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

Best known for his philanthropy and an extensive career in investment banking, Scott Mead has recently become more visible in the fine arts world, actively creating and showcasing his fine art photography most recently at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in Piccadilly, London.

Scott Mead was born in Washington, DC. When he was 13 years old, he received one of his grandfather's cameras and a lifelong passion for photography was sparked. As a child he took photographs around his home, spending hours in the family darkroom developing prints and exploring the photography art form. Later, as an undergraduate student of American History and Literature at Harvard College, Scott Mead also studied visual arts and art history. It was during this time when Mead had the unique opportunity to study under some of America's most well-known photographers: William Eggleston, Emmet Gowin and Minor White. In 1975 he used a complex photography technique to shoot a series of black and white photographs capturing rural New England. By combining a large format camera with a smaller lens and using advanced darkroom technology, Scott Mead was able to create images that were otherwise nearly impossible to achieve when taken. In 1977 he graduated and continued his studies as a Harvard Scholar at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University where he earned his M.Phil in 1979. And finally, in 1982 Scott Mead concluded his academic career with a law degree from University of Pennsylvania Law School.

After deliberating between a career in photography or in the investment banking field, Scott Mead decided to put his artistic pursuits on hold and accepted an offer to work at First Boston Corporation. From there, he moved to Goldman Sachs & Company, first working in the New York offices starting from 1986, and later relocating to London in 1988 to continue to expand and grow the company's European presence. Mead worked at Goldman Sachs until 2003, worked a few years at Apax Partners as a senior advisor and chairman of the technology and telecommunications advisory board, and finally at the start of 2009 Mead co-founded a private merchant bank, Richmond Park Partners. As Scott Mead's professional career grew over time, Mead always expressed a continued interest in the fine arts world. This passion was recently rekindled in 2009 when Mead discovered old negatives from his works in 1975, which had been in his attic and long forgotten for many years.