London Art Museums - From Royal to Radical

They're housed in buildings which run the gamut of being among the ugliest in the world (the Barbican) to the neoclassical splendor of the National Gallery. But the most remarkable aspects of London's art museums lies not in their exteriors, but in what lies within: vast collections of priceless artworks from every age. If your trip to London will include time at some of the city's great art museums, these are our four top recommendations.

The Royal Academy of Arts

Dating back to 1786 and the reign of King George III, the Royal Academy, in the Burlington House, was the first British institution established for the single purpose of promoting the arts and architecture. It has eighty governing artist at a time, all of whom must be active artist and who resign as active governors at the age of 75. Each of these 'Royal Academicians" is expected to give an original artwork to the Academy, and those gifts have become the foundation of its permanent collection. They include paintings by Gainsborough, Constable, Reynolds, and Turner.

The Royal Academy also presents remarkable visiting exhibits, one of which of was 2007's The Unknown Monet: Pastels and Drawings. This exhibit was the first to show that, contrary to popular belief, Monet spent considerable time doing drawn studies of his works before he ever set his paintbrush to canvas. Although he often claimed to lack drawing ability, this exhibit emphatically proved otherwise.

Children's Arts Academy: Enrichment Programs Instead Of Play Schemes

A children's arts academy can offer your child many benefits, but it is important to evaluate each potential academy carefully. Some use plays schemes instead of enrichment programs, and while play schemes may have some benefits they are not designed to enrich your child while entertaining them. Play schemes can be included in any arts program, but the curriculum of the program and art instruction should be focused on enriching the skills and abilities of your child as they learn and explore. A children's arts academy that offers programs that are designed specifically to help your child grow and develop are the best choice and your child should be exposed to a variety of art types and experiences. Play schemes allow a child to play in a fantasy world made real, but enrichment programs are intended to provide skills and talents that children can use for the rest of their lives.

Enrichment programs offered by a children's arts academy are specifically designed to build skills and develop confidence and focus in children. Play schemes are simply designed to amuse and entertain children when they are used for play, and there is no skill development or artistic enrichment involved. A structured program that builds on the skills and talents of your child offers a much better opportunity for growth, both emotionally and artistically. Structured activities are important for children, and a children's arts academy that uses play schemes may not offer enough structure for optimal development. Enrichment programs offer the needed structure and support, so your child will gain confidence as they try new things and explore the many types of artistic expression.

If you want to give your child the best possible art education and experience then a children's arts academy that offers enrichment programs are the ideal choice. Many schools no longer offer art classes for kids, so your child may not get the chance to express emotions and work through issues without extracurricular opportunities. Attending a children's arts academy that provides an enrichment program will help your child expand their mind and possibilities, and play is still an included activity. Playing can be an educational experience, and many kids learn constantly. Art is a subject that is just as valuable as any academic subject and one that can provide numerous benefits for your child.

Art Institutes and Colleges in New York

New York City is one of the most heavily populated cities of America. It covers 320 square miles on the Manhattan Island and is home to nearly 8 million residents. Traditionally, New York is known for its artistic diversity, and the city offers an incredible and an impressive array of opportunities for the interested individuals, especially related to the department of arts.

You can find galleries, workshops, museums, theaters and dance performances, live music, film and television productions, studios and lots of other stuff, and are continuing venues for exploration.

The learning opportunities are also readily available with an extensive list of institutes which provide training and educational facilities in the field arts, providing students with a multitude and a massive amount of resources and opportunities.

According to reports from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, individual working in the field of arts earn around an average of $42,650 in the year 2008. Art schools help to familiarize the attendees with a variety of techniques and methods which they could engage in the production and performance of their crafts.

There are numerous art schools with the New York state which helps to make budding and aspiring performers and artists for the future in the field of arts. Some of the art schools in the New York state are;